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Chateau d’Humieres

At just 1 hours drive from calais, 3 hours from Londen. This amazing place is perfectly situated to provide you with room for Events and in the outbuildings with a place to stay for up to 19 people in individual rooms etc, Coach House and Tower Appartement together. 

The Chateau itself was build just after the French revolution. Sections where added in the centuries to follow. But its origins where as a hunting pavilion.

During the first world war an airfield, lying on the castle grounds was home to the 32th squadron of allied fighter planes. Countless planes took of from at the castle grounds.

During the second world war, the castle served the German Luftwaffe for directing the V1 launches towards England. In the village there are the remains of a V1 launch site still visible today and the gigantic Blockhaus de Siracourt is just 6km away.

After the war the nobel family who lived there before returned and the castle became a house of joy, which stables housed beautifull horses whilst on the grounds epic horsejumping events where held. However it became neglected following the death of the Vicomtesse.

Renovation works have started, lots of energy has been poured into the old lady. And the love it deserves. Stories have been told by eldery from the village. And now the castle sets its first steps in a new era.

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The Restoration of a Chateau

Accommodation at Chateau d’Humieres in the North of France

We have 2 holiday gites to choose from, or you can rent the chateau for your wedding, party or meeting.

The Tower Gite, located on the ground floor is furnished in the original castle style and equipped with period furniture. meeting the requirements and expectations with modern equiptment. It offers accomodation as of 2 nights for 4 guests.

The Coach House Gite, has been renovated to a fully functioning 12-14 person gite, it accomodates guests in different independ end stylisly furnished rooms and offers modern facilities in a historic surounding.

Combined with the château surroundings, the guests have the unique opportunity to experience this place to the fullest.

At the same time, the château premises also include a recently restored Entrance Hall and Main Saloon with all  necessairy facilities in a contemporary stylish interior. The rooms can be rented as of summer 2018 to hold your anniversarie marriage or …

Tower Appartment for families
Coach House up to 15 people
Event Space

Accommodation in nearby Hesdin

We’re proud to present its new partnership in helping the restoration of another historic building!

Up to 14 people can stay in this historic building as of may.

Dating back till the 17th century. Centrally located in the historic heart of Hesdin.
Filled with history, as one of France most famous writers was born here.
An awesome terrace with probably the best view over the city and the river, by far.
Enjoy in a discreet corner of the house, or relax in the warmth of the historic saloon.
Good restaurants, bars, withing walking distance a weekly market of fresh food closeby, bakery, butchery, pharmacy. All closeby

Set around its own private courtyard, The house offers a retreat from the outside world, within the thriving town of Hesdin. To stay here, in the home of l’Abbe Prevost and his family, offers a unique chance to step into his colourful and idiosyncratic world.

Today, the house has regained the glowing vitality it enjoyed in the lifetime of its brilliant and mercurial former owner. To share the same merriment in the dining-room and to sit, as he did, in the library, surrounded by panneled oak walls.

You will find in Hesdin museum, historic buildings, shops and walks to be made.

Closeby to the sea, montreuil etc… and all in the heart of the seven vallees

Au Coeur d’Hesdin

Accommodation in The South of France

We have 2 holiday apartments in Lagrasse in the South of France for those who desire a warmer climate.

The large Terrace Apartment has an enormous (90 square meters) sunny terrace and looks out over the river, the Thyme, Pine and Rosemary scented hills opposite and the iconic hump back X11 century bridge. Simplicity, Elegance, Calm. With these words in mind we have created a beautiful, spacious three-bedroom three-bathroom apartment of approximately 120m2 (1300sq feet).

The newest addition to House la France is the Rampart Apartment. This beautiful holiday apartment is available all year round. Also accessed through the courtyard it is approximately 80 sq meters and designed especially for two. The apartment has one large bedroom, a bathroom, kitchen, a living room with big windows looking out to the river and the bridge and a terrace/balcony built from the remains of a tower, which was discovered whilst renovating.

Click here for more info.

The Local Area

It’s a landscape full of contrasts, mixing the bright green of its meadows with the blue-grey of the waves : a region which lives from the sea and plays with the wind.

The Côte d’Opale is traditionally both influenced by the sea and rooted in the land, an alliance that, although often violently broken throughout history, has always been repaired, to form a fragile balance between the waves of the Channel and the furrows of the fields.

Castle’s Coach House, great for large families or groups

This huge renovated cottage has a beautiful view and lies in the Castle garden, a perfect place for children to let off steam while you gather around and plan the next walk. Next to the cottage lies a historical castle that the owner is rebuilding, step by step. The whole property is very very spacious, and has a romantic character, lovely in every season of the year …

Inside you have all the modern comfort to sit back and relax. A cozy living room with open kitchen and direct access to the gardens, a lovely mezzanine, a great home cinema, plenty of space everywhere in the cottage, beautiful and big bedrooms, bathrooms, and an artistic touch which makes this cottage even more unique … are only a brief description of the place.
Outside you’ll enjoy the peaceful vibe of the property, surrounded by the gardens, and the historical castle. A bbq, sunbathing, playing outside, … You’ll have your own park to discover and feel at home in no time!

In the neighborhood you find plenty of places. The cottage will be your ideal holiday home to discover a lovely region in the North of France and enjoy a great time in and around a unique setting.


On the ground floor:

  • A large living space, big windows and a fully equipped kitchen

  • A large mezzanine, children’s play area

  • A second large living space with open fireplace and sofa bed

  • A second large mezzanine, with a double bed
  • One toilet

  • A shower room, washing and drying machines

  • Access to the gardens

On the first floor:

  • A mezzanine, with Tv area and sofa bed

  • Three large bedrooms, 2 bathrooms sleeps 9

The Tower Room

Have a stay into this old Chateau, home to the allied forces during WW1 and occupied during WW2. A cossy appartment, enjoy the park, the animals…. A living room with a couch bed, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, kitchen and a terrace. A nearby racing track offers you the possibility to even race your own car on the track. just 2h from park Asterix, 40 min from the coast and 30min from the Louvre at Lens.


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Event Space

These photo’s are taken troughout the restoration process. They show the progress of the building and some of the nice aspects of this sleeping beauty, wich has been dormant for a long time. They offer a sneak view in what it once was, is and will be soon.


The Chateau during WW1

These photo’s are taken during the first world war. They show us what happened directly around the Chateau during those years. At the aerodrome d’Humieres. The main front at only 30min away, it was a buzzing place filled with activity.

A Little Help From Our Friends

The Tower appartement and the Château was redone with the help of:

NICOLE ALBERT INTERIORS:     Offers eclectic and sensitive interior styling, adapted to each client’s individual needs

FIRED EARTH:     an exclusive collection of wall tiles, floor tiles, designer paints, kitchens and bathrooms. Original, renowned Fired Earth craftsmanship

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THE WHITE COMPANY:     Beautiful Bedding And Home Gift Sets, Clothing & NIghtwear, Candles & Fragrance, Jewellery, Home Accessories

Contact Chateau D’Humieres

We are available for any info you require and can’t wait to see you will surprise us with.

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